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Rider's Critique

Riding: the art of keeping a horse between you and the ground

Rider's Critique!
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A friendly forum for constructive criticism of all aspects of equitation, in all disciplines. Post here and have your position critiqued, or come and hone your skills by critiquing others!

The Rules

1. All photos are to be behind lj-cuts: <*lj-cut*> or <*lj-cut text="your text here"*> (with stars removed)
Any posts after Jan 1, 2005 that do not use this will be deleted.

2. There is a maximum limit of 10 pictures per post. Please keep pictures to relevant, critiqueable pictures only.

3. Please shrink any large photos so that they can easily fit on the screen - not everyone has high-speed internet and the big pictures can take a long time to load! In the same vein, please do not post pointless pictures - only those that can be critiqued please!

4. Please keep posts to photos for critique or questions about your riding position. This is not a community for open discussion such as tack, stable procedure, care and feeding, vices, or horse problems. There are other communities, such as equestrian and 4theluvofhorses for that. Any posts that are not critique-related will be deleted.

5. All criticism must be constructive. Anyone who criticizes in a rude and demeaning manner will be banned from the community. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

6. You will be critiqued when you post pictures here. You may not agree with all of the critiques that you receive. If you cannot handle criticism or respond to it in a civil manner, then do not post. Anyone who replies to criticism in a rude or demeaning manner will be banned from the community.

7. Only post pictures of yourself for critique. What with all the issues with copyrights, consent, anonymity and whatnot these days, only post your own pictures. If your friends want pictures of them to be done, suggest they get a log in and join the community. The more the merrier!

8. When someone takes the time to write out a critique for you, please have the courtesy to reply to let them know that you have read it and that they didn't waste their time typing it out.

More concerned with your partner than yourself? Head on over to horsecritique, a community "devoted to evaluating the conformation of the horse, regardless of whether it's a prospect that you're looking at buying, or if you just want to see how everyone else thinks your horse looks. :)"